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“Car Culture” is an important part of our society. It represents the freedom to get to work, the grocery store, a Sunday BBQ with family and friends, the ball game, the doctor’s appointment and that much deserved vacation. Our cars enable us to live in areas without public transportation and away from our places of employment. Personal transportation gives us back time not spent on journeys using less convenient means. Many people cannot imagine modern life without a personal vehicle.

So, when the unimaginable happens and there is a mishap that damages our vehicle, we need to get it fixed quickly, correctly, economically, and with as little disruption to our lives as possible. Avenue Body Shop is a full service body shop that has been serving Abbotsford for 55 years. We can fix everything from pesky rock chips and dents to damaged moving parts and structural damage. Our goal is to get your car looking and running like new again as quickly as possible. We hope to make the repair process seem like a minor speed bump on the road of life while best protecting the investment you’ve made in your vehicle.

Avenue Body Shop is an ICBC-accredited c.a.r. VALET shop repair facility. That means we provide ICBC-accredited damage evaluations, quality collision repairs and exemplary valet service.

• If a damaging accident involving your vehicle occurs, Avenue Body Shop can assess and perform quality repairs. While you do not need to go to ICBC first, you still need to call in and get your claim number. If your car is undrivable, you can get it towed directly to our shop and we will work with ICBC to ensure a fair and comprehensive plan for repairs is ICBC-approved before repair work begins. With top customer service, quality parts and certified technicians, our auto body repair work, including parts, is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

• ICBC c.a.r. VALET shops can help with personal transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. If you drop off your vehicle we can provide you with a ride home or to your workplace and pick you up to collect your vehicle when repairs are completed. Alternatively, at your request, our VALET shop will collect your vehicle from your home or workplace (within 30 km of the shop) and return it to you when the repairs are complete at no extra charge. We can also offer courtesy vehicles so that you’re not without a way to get around.

• Our repair parts are fairly priced and our repair staff participate in ongoing training and certification. This ensures we provide our customers with excellent value using the best equipment and top-notch expertise using the most up-to-date best practices in the industry.

• We can walk you through the process of your claim. We understand each situation is unique and sometimes requires clarification. All ICBC c.a.r. VALET shop repair facilities must meet ICBC standards for workmanship, customer service and up-to-date facilities.

Abbotsford Auto Body Repairs

Avenue Body Shop is a trusted member of the Abbotsford automotive community. We guarantee all of out repair work for as long as you own your vehicle. This is our promise to our customers and it’s the reason Abbotsford drivers trust and recommended Avenue Body Shop in Abbotsford and throughout the surrounding area. Call Avenue Body Shop for auto body repair work that is certified to be done right the first time.

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