ICBC Body Shops Abbotsford

Why Avenue Body Shop Is One Of The Premier ICBC Body Shops In Abbotsford

ICBC accredited body shops in Abbotsford can assist clients in a number of ways. When you take the time to visit Avenue Body Shop, you know that you are receiving access to state of the art equipment and highly skilled technicians. We have been one of the top ICBC accredited body shops in the area for almost 60 years and for good reason.

Some of our future customers may not be aware of all the advantages that they can enjoy by paying us a visit. Thanks to the following guide, you can learn a little more about us and everything that we have to offer to those who seek access to ICBC body shops in the Abbotsford region.

Total Honesty

When you are in the process of receiving quotes from various body shops, there is something to be said for a facility that offers the proper level of honesty. At Avenue Body Shop, one of our primary objectives is to provide honest quotes to all of our customers that allow them to find the assistance that they need.

Consistent Training

We do not believe that our technicians' training is finished once they have begun to work on vehicles on a regular basis. Our technicians are provided with consistent and ongoing training that is designed to make sure that they can remain on the cutting edge. Your car will always look great because our technicians go the extra mile to make sure that the vehicle is repaired and maintained to the absolute best of their abilities.

Best Practices

Customers who bring their cars to an ICBC accredited body shop are able to rest easy. They know that their vehicles are going to be cared for at a facility that has taken all of the proper steps to ensure that they are in compliance with ICBC regulations. We understand how crucial the peace of mind of our clients can be and that is why we take all of the necessary insurance precautions in this regard.

Thoughtful Staff Members

We know just how stressful car repairs can be and when damages have taken place to your vehicle, you need to know that you are in the right hands. That's where our thoughtful staff members come into play. We place ourselves in the shoes of our customers and provide them with bespoke assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. With technicians like ours at your disposal, why would you ever take your vehicle anywhere else?

Word of Mouth

When you take the time to ask about the premier ICBC body shops in Abottsford, you will want to know more about the facilities that have been able to generate the best word of mouth. Because our shop is always kept fully up to date and totally clean, we have built word of mouth that allows Avenue Body Shop to stand alone. There is no substitute for the accurate repairs and competitive pricing that our highly trained technicians can provide to residents of the Abbotsford region.


ICBC Body Shops Abbotsford
Avenue Body Shop
33805 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford BC V2S 2M7 CA

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